It’s not communication if there isn’t a connection.

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Your brand is the major character of your story. We build character. 


Successful advertising shares with its audience a story, a belief or an aspiration. It creates positive memories and feelings that influence behaviors and – over time – encourages consumers to buy.

Our teams generate ideas that connect with consumers and grab their attention across traditional and digital platforms. 


Who are you? What do you stand for? Why should consumers pick you? 

Done right, brand development becomes a powerful management and execution tool that results in stronger customer relationships, cost-efficient marketing campaigns and a more unified organization.


If your ad runs and no one sees or hears it, is it still an ad?


We’re a group of storytellers all working on one story – yours. 


Ott’s approach to media planning and placement address both the valued core and the opportunistic edges of your brand’s audience.

Our media team possesses wide-ranging talents for developing communication plans for digital, traditional and emerging channels. We work to ensure your media investment dovetails with your other marketing efforts to build awareness, consideration, purchase and preference for your brand.


Marketing communications can be boiled down to a single truth: whoever tells the best story wins. And the best stories are consistent and collaborative. 

Everything from the first kernel of an idea to shooting to post-production all happens under one roof. Working with our photography studio and video production house, clients reap the benefits of our constant collaboration and the consistently high-caliber work. 



No one enjoys a one-sided conversation. Especially consumers. 


Traditional advertising is a monologue. Telling your story through social media is a conversation. And when the message is right, your audience will be eager to join in.

Our social media team of writers, designers, photographers, videographers and analysts work together to build loyalty, trust and a meaningful dialog between your brand and your audience.